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Dear Potential New Member,


Congratulations on your acceptance to TCU! I am so excited that you have decided to join our Horned Frog family! This school is filled with so many amazing experiences which help create a campus environment that is truly unique and special. Among these experiences is the choice to become a part of the TCU Greek Community. As a member of a Greek organization, you have the opportunity to be a leader on campus, work closely with multiple philanthropic organizations, and become a part of a support system that you can always rely on.


My time at TCU has been marked by many different roles and experiences on campus, but it truly would not be the same if I had not joined Zeta Tau Alpha. I am constantly surrounded by amazing women who care about me and challenge me to be the best version of myself. I am so proud to be a Zeta and I am beyond thankful for each and every one of our members. I am confident that the friends that I have made through Zeta Tau Alpha will continue to impact my life even beyond my time at TCU.


Although you may feel a wide range of emotions surrounding recruitment, please remember—we were all once in your shoes. I am so excited for Recruitment 2021, and I cannot wait to meet you all in August. Finding sisterhood is such an exciting experience, and I hope you enjoy every minute of it. Go Frogs, Go Greek, and Go Zeta!


Zeta Love & Mine,

Logan Cartwright

TCU Zeta Recruitment Chair

2022 Recruitment Team

Recruitment Chair:

Logan Cartwright

Head of Logistics:

Mackenzie Gill

Head of PNM Info:

Olivia Palisack

Head of Data:

Lily Hobson 

Asst. Recruitment Chair:

Olivia Lee

Round Directors:

Kaylee Cunningham

Courtney Bacich

Izzy Garriga

Paris Papac

Audrey Carrington

Sophia Knapp

Logistics Team:

Lili Nunez,

Jenna Wisler 

Maddie Boesch

Helena Jefferson

Director of PR:

Ella Raineri 

Work Week Chairs:

Mia Hammond

Hannah Richards

Olivia Tremonti 

Head of Operations:

Abbey  Spruill

Maddie Sweeney 


Time Keeper:

Katie Augustine

Director of Workshops and Chapter Morale

Izzy Ives

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